Radio Sales, Service & Repairs

Waddell Communications is the No. 1 Authorized Racing Electronics Dealer in the Nation - Three Years and Counting!

  • Racing Electronics Radio and Headset Sales & Service
  • Custom Fit Ear Molds
  • Semi-Custom Ear Molds
  • Radio Programming & Repairs
  • Radio and Battery Diagnostics
  • Headset Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Helmet Kits, Installation & Diagnostics
  • Car Antenna Sales, Service & Diagnostics
  • Car Harness Sales and Diagnostics
  • Adapter Cables Sales
  • Push To Talk Kit Sales and Service
  • Scanner Sales
  • Headphone Sales & Service
  • HANS Head and Neck Restraint Sales
  • MPI Steering Wheel Sales
  • Top Quality Video Recording Sales with Replay XD
  • Radio Communication Troubleshooting:
    You name it and we can help!